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Where Science meets Nature to Kiss your Health Better

Welcome to Bellabaci, where we strive to bring innovation, ancient wisdom and holistic health and wellness. We aim to meet the needs for all walks of life, and busy lifestyles. Natural health has never been this easy. Ecofriendly for your body and the earth, we treat your deepest concern to restore healthy, happy bodies.


Heal your body

Kiss your Body better with natural healing and say goodbye to pain and ailments

Tight or sore muscles? Digestive disorders? Headaches or migraines? Cellulite? Stretch marks or spider veins? joint pain? Kiss your ailments goodbye with the Bellabaci Body Massage and Genie System.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, stagnation in the body is never a good thing. In fact, it causes problems. The Bellabaci Massage System consists of two silicone cups scientifically designed to eliminate stagnation, intensify metabolism and dermal respiration, improve the skin’s elasticity, increase resistance to temperature and mechanical factors and improve muscle function. Our natural remedies in your chosen Genie, consists of the finest of wild crafted, organic Aromatherapy oils and Topical Homeopathic synergies. The combination of these two powerful therapies will achieve health and balance, the way nature intended, free of synthetic medication or painful treatments.

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Face & Anti-ageing

Treat all your facial concerns, no mess, no fuss.

Are your products spilling over and you are no closer to achieving a wrinkle-free, smooth skin? It’s time to introduce The Bellabaci Facial Cups to your regime. This is the facial tool you have been waiting for to treat every concern, from your lines to broken capillaries, sinus headaches and congestion. Easy to use and just 2 minutes daily is all you need to start bring out the beauty of your complexion.


Grow your salon/spa business with Bellabaci

Are you looking for an innovative health solution for your salon/spa? Bellabaci International will fill the gap with products developed to generate the best results for the client, therapist and business. Get the growth and results you have always wanted.


Say hello to the best cellulite cure you have been waiting for

Cellulite Blues? You got them and you want to get rid of cellulite fast? Get your hands on the FDA Approved Bellabaci Body Massage and Genie System. Fast becoming the cellulite treatment of choice for women world-wide, the most effective, easiest and most affordable way to reduce and remove cellulite. That’s because it addresses the cause directly and not just the symptoms. Better yet, it activates, stimulates and rejuvenates the lymphatic system with a reverse deep tissue massage technique